Our Values

The philosophy and approach of Dnaagdawenmag Binnoojiiyag Child & Family Services is first and foremost, based upon the principles contained within the seven Grandfather Teachings of our people:

  • Wisdom “Nbwaakaawin” – This incorporates the idea of intelligence and the idea of “putting it to good use.” Wisdom means the commitment to use what we know for the betterment of all.
  • Love “Zaagidiwin” – Love includes the selfless and non-judgemental love of all others as well as self-love.
  • Respect “Mnaadendamowin” – The importance of showing respect for and appreciation of others is necessary to be able to earn respect.
  • Bravery “Aakdehewin” – The willingness to “do the right thing” and to accept the consequences that flow from that, to always act with integrity.
  • Honesty “Gwekwaadziwin” – Flowing from courage is the need to always be forthright, to withhold nothing, both with others and with ourselves.
  • Humility “Dbadendizwin” – This is compassion at its most basic level. We all share the same value in the eyes of our Creator, and we are called to reflect on that value in all of our dealings.
  • Truth “Debwewin” – We must be truth-tellers to all both those with whom we have dealings and with ourselves.

Building on these seven teachings, we also value:

  • Inclusivity – We encourage and foster an atmosphere that brings together all who have an interest to participate and bring support for children and families in need. We include all perspectives and faiths, both traditional and mainstream understandings that our people may be a part of, and recognize that it is from the things that individuals value that they draw their strength and internal power from.
  • Wholistic – (Mind, Body, Emotions and Spirit) We believe that all aspects of life must be taken into account in arriving at good decisions with children and families.