Children in Alternative Care

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Dnaagdawenmag Binnoojiiyag Child & Family Services has a responsibility to provide adequate care and supervision of all children and youth placed in Alternative Care in accordance to the Ministry of Children and Youth Services standards in accordance with the Child, Youth and Family Service Act, taking into consideration the inherent rights of communities to care for and plan for their children and youth.

Child in Alternative Care Services will:

  1. Promote the best interest, protection and well-being of children and youth;
  2. Provide children and youth with a sense of identity and belonging;
  3. Ensure continuity of relationships and connectedness with their family and community;
  4. Be child and youth focused, and family-centered within the context of community and cultural identity;
  5. Ensure that interventions are focused on the need to reduce the risk of abuse and neglect, while working with all members of the family wherever possible;
  6. Provide the child or youth with a sense of stability with family and community supports;
  7. Provide planning that is child and youth-centered and will meet their developmental needs; and,
  8. Always ensure the child/youth’s health and safety when planning.

Dnaagdawenmag Binnoojiiyag Child & Family Services Child in Alternative Care services provide culturally intelligent services rooted in culture and based on community values and beliefs. Dnaagdawenmag Binnoojiiyag Child & Family Services ensures that the Assigned Worker/Child and Youth Service Workers provide culturally based service to the child and youth to offer a sense of stability, continuity, socialization, identity, and spirituality. The child and youth’s needs; mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally are a priority for all employees of Dnaagdawenmag Binnoojiiyag. To that end, children/youth placed in Customary Care homes will be subject to all the Child in Alternative Care benefits, policies and procedures despite not being legally “in care”.