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Why Volunteer with Us?

Help support our children youth, and community sustain strong, healthy, and balanced foundation for life.

  •  Become more connected to your community.
  • Build meaningful relationships
  • Make a positive impact within child and youth’s lives.
  • Reimbursement for millage

Goals of the Volunteer Drive Program

  • Support children & youth by providing transportation to and from where they need to be such as school, medical appointments, etc. This can be as simple as one time drive, or ongoing requests that happen on a regular basis
  • Assist in an ongoing plan to provide quality service to children and families who may not have any other means of transportation
  • Family preservation— every child and youth should have a connection with their biological family. By becoming a driver, you are enabling a child or family to foster and maintain relationship.
  • Within our Indigenous cultures, we regard children and youth as sacred gifts from the Creator. Our communities have the collective responsibility to provide care for children. All children are highly valued, unique and wonderful beings and have inherent strengths and capabilities.

Commitment and Training

  • Volunteer drivers dictate how often they would like to work with children and youth.
  • Car seat safety, first aid and CPR training will be provided

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You can help support our children, youth, and community sustain a healthy and balanced foundation for life.

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