Alternative Care

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The Dnaagdawenmag Binnoojiiyag Child & Family Services Alternative Care program provides services that are rooted in the cultural values and beliefs to ensure that both the Alternative Care Provider and the children/youth in the home receive culturally intelligent services. These services, provide the child/youth with a sense of stability, continuity, socialization and spirituality, which are all very important to the child/youth’s mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

The Alternative Care Program provides family-based care for children/youth in need of protection and out-of-home placement inclusive of: customary care, alternative care and kinship care.

Dnaagdawenmag Binnoojiiyag Child & Family Services’ mission, vision, and mandate is to place children/youth with family and community first when needed and if this cannot be arranged an appropriate alternative care home will be secured.

Dnaagdawenmag Binnoojiiyag will exhaust community planning, family placements, and all viable options. Dnaagdawenmag Binnoojiiyag will also strive to ensure emergency placement services are available at all times in the event admissions to care are required.

Customary care will be made available for our communities children and youth before all other options.

It is the desire of Dnaagdawenmag Binnoojiiyag customary care agreements be reached before any court applications are required.

Respecting each community has their own values and beliefs and ways of doing things, Dnaagdawenmag Binnoojiiyag has developed protocols with each member community to outline the necessary steps to proceed with a customary care agreement.

Alternative Care Providers must commit to abiding by our Service Model, our inherent Indigenous rights and must ensure they will work collaboratively with families of origin and our First Nation, Inuit and Metis communities.