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World Water Day 2021

Posted on: March 23, 2021

A day to celebrate our waters, give thanks and have conversations about what water means to us so that we can safeguard our waters from future harm.

We did exactly that. We paused, reflected and shared photos and words of what water means to us. Here is what we shared:

Water comes in many forms.  It is the life blood of our Mother Earth, it cleanses and purifies her just like our blood does for our human bodies.  There are many elements that come forth to help replenish our waters here on earth.  Rain, hail, snow and ice all contribute to keeping the waters balanced and flowing.  We express our emotions through the sacredness of our tears and show respect for the production of water in various forms that our bodies create.  Water is sacred and because we, as human beings, are mostly water…are sacred also.  Let’s send our best greetings out to all the waters of world and hope they will continue to follow their original instructions….now our minds are one. 

Water is my life source. Water is non-discriminatory, water provides sustenance for all beings and creatures. There are many lessons to be learned from water. It has many, many gifts and I am forever grateful to our waters. 

Water is a commodity that everyone should have. I wish for fresh, clean water for all especially for Indigenous communities who continue to boil their water and have water advisories.  I am sending love and peace to the water. 

Kitchi Miigwetch for this opportunity to honour our Life Blood and Life Blood of our Mother Earth. 

Water grounds me.  It allows me to understand the importance of fluidity.  To be able to flow with what is happening around me and although it is soft and comforting, it is also strong and determined.  Water helps sustain life all around us. It keeps us all connected and helps all of creation to grow and thrive. 

Water calms me and gives me a sense of peace.  It nourishes my soul. 

 Water to me is life. I was given a teaching by Otsi:ka:ra who noted that our very bodies are primarily made of water and without it we would be dust. Water is the source of life; it helps things and beings grow and to continue on their journey. It is an element needed for the continuation of life.  

Miigwech to the water for everything it provides for our mind body and soul. It nourishes our body to keep us hydrated, protects our babies in the womb and provides mother earth with all it needs to grow that beautiful grass, flowers and trees.   

Water is life,
Water is the past,
Water is the future,
We are born of water.

Water is spirit, water is ceremony, water is where life begins.

Chi-Miigwech for the opportunity to acknowledge the importance of water today, and everyday. Water is the perhaps the most important gift from our Mother Earth- as it provides the interconnection between all things living. I once read, “Water sustains us, flows between us, within us, and replenishes us. Water is the blood of Mother Earth and, as such cleanses not only herself, but all living things”.  

To me, water is my constant companion, always there when I need it. Guarding my spirit and helping my family to grow.  Water is a gift from creator, not be owned or sold. water is to be protected and honored. It’s vital to our future generations. 

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Water is sacred and is common element of all living things.  If we think and acknowledge that the water that is around us today is the same water that has been here since the beginning of time and recycling since creation we may give her more regard and respect to be conscious of waste and pollutants. Water is Life!  It is truly sad to see the oil spills that occur and hearing about waste being dumped into our oceans’ at an alarming rate….on purpose!  Hearing about species at risk because of mans desecrations and greed…..the only greedy species…..mankind!  We must be mindful of our day to day impacts on an individual basis and continue to be grateful and respectful of our natural resources and eco-systems.  Water connects us all and if we continue to be greedy and selfish we will jeopardize the balance and purity for the generations yet to come. Acknowledge the rain and snow that falls and give thanks!  It’s nice to think that the water sitting in a puddle is the same water flowing somewhere in a river, sustaining a wetland, filling an ocean or a lake or within a teardrop is the same. Miigwetch.